Literatür Kimya was foundedin 2003, tomanufacture BMC (BulkMouldingCompound) in Balıkesir/Türkiye and started with one Z-Blade Mixer, ina 100m² workshop. Thanks to top drawer vision and business culture of the company, LiteraturKimya enlarged product range and started to produce SMC(Sheet Moulding Compound).


In order tomeet the demands of the sector, Literatür made an investmentin 2008 and extended our facility to 5.000m² open area and 1.000m²production site.

In 2010, to serve more qualified products and become a leading company in the sector, we invested in our laboratory adding mechanical testing equipments for final quality control and incoming raw material quality control to our inventory. By creating an imperishable bond between R&D studies in the laboratory and real time applies in production,Literatür became a favoured company in automotive, building and electricity sectors. We have now 150 different types of product formulation for different sectors. Literatür can produce SMC and BMC especially from Unsaturated Polyester Resin.

In order to meet the demands of the sector,Literatür decided to supply finished products under the brand of Customers' Companies on the strength of the developments in the R&D department and quality of SMC-BMC producing line. For finished goods Literatür invested on compression moulding with 1 thermoset injection machine and 11 hydraulic presses with different tonnage capacity (from 25 to 800 tons) and different dimensions (between 900 x 500 mm–1700 x 1500 mm, heights from 600 to 1300 mm). By supplying confidential cooperation, we take the workload of moulding the finished goods from our customers. We have 100 different types of customer moulds on our site.

In 2013 with the production capacity increasing, Literatür Kimya expanded the producti on area to 7.000m² open area and 3.000m² production site.

We are giving service to our customers with;

- 1 SMC machine

- 3 Z-Blade BMC mixture

- 11 Hydraulic Press

- 100 Customer Mould

We are be coming solution partners for our clients and we are going on our way with the principle of customer satis faction. 


Founder General Manager